Fully Custom Web Design

Custom web design allows you to get all the bells and whistles to optimize your site, as well as a truly unique author’s platform.

Starter Package – $450

This basic package offers everything you need in a website, without any added bells and whistles so we can offer the best deal for indie authors. You can choose either an ultra-modern one-page layout or a more traditional multipage layout. Average savings of $250. Bundle with a branding package for even bigger savings.

Socialite Package – $800

This more comprehensive package offers more of the things you need to communicate with the world, focusing on social media, mailing lists and other social tools. Includes some custom design. Best value. You can add branding services to save even more and perfect your platform. Average savings of $400.

Commerce Package – $1199

This is a serious package for authors serious about selling their books, which includes extra features and all the tools necessary to sell books and merchandise directly from your website. Bundle with branding design for the most professional (and most affordable) public presence you can get. Average savings of $300.


Did you know you can save even more with a branding + web design package?